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Why won't my computer turn on?


Believe it or not, we get this question a LOT!  There are a number of reasons why a computer fails to switch on and most of them are relatively simple to fix.

     A.  Be sure there is power coming to the jack that you are using for your computer and peripherals.  If you have voltmeter handy and fell confident to use it, be sure there is sufficient voltage and  amperage out of the jack.  In the U.S., it should register around 120 VAC and at least 15 A.  Call a certified electrician or your local power company if needed.

     B. Be sure the power cable is tight against the wall and that the cable is not frayed or damaged.  If not, call a certified electrician to change the jack and/or replace the cable with a similar UL rated one ASAP.

     C. If you are using a multiple outlet device, be sure it is turned on and that the circuit breaker is engaged.  Some older units may have a replaceable fuse that needs to be swapped out if broken.  Also, extension cords are frowned upon for computers and peripherals.

     D.  Some computers are also fused, be sure these are in good working order.  If you can't tell by visual inspection, a good continuity meter is is helpful.

     E.  If you have recently installed a board or device inside your computer, be sure the device is firmly seated  and attached to power inside the casing.  Be sure the cover is replaced properly as there is sometimes a safety switch that cuts power to the unit if the cover is removed.  Be sure the internal switch makes contact with the power button on the case.  Be sure your hard drive and memory are fully seated in their respective slots as well.  Be careful and use a shock-proof strap for this kind of maintenance.

     F.  If all the above fails, you might just have a bad transformer (power supply).  This happens more often than you imagine!  Replace one with a factory part or a factory compatible part.  It's not hard, but does require a screwdriver/nutdriver and nimble fingers.

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